Schedule Maintenance

As a major supplier of discounted heating fuel oil to the residents and business owners on Long Island, Shoreline Petroleum performs maintenance and system evaluations upon request.

Routine Annual Maintenance

Shoreline Petroleum's in-house trained and certified HVAC technicians are educated in the maintenance of Oil Heating Systems - annual tune-ups, cleaning and efficiency test, CO2 and smoke test, Oil Burners, Oil Tanks, Hot Water Heaters, Central Air Conditioning, and Pool and Spa Systems. Routine maintenance is performed (April through August, Monday - Friday).

We install the highest quality products from manufacturers that offer the best service and warranty protection. Shoreline Petroleum gives the customers peace of mind knowing they are receiving the greatest protection, comfort and optimal efficiency year-round. Fill out the form below to schedule maintenance, or call us at 631-226-7600 .

Systems Evaluations

Do the systems you now have operate to their fullest potential? Will the current systems function as well as they do after a large renovation?

Have you become a "new" home owner, or a commercial enterprise or establishment, such as a store, hotel, or restaurant? If so, you may be unfamiliar with the systems in your new location. Shoreline Petroleum will perform a thorough evaluation and give you a crash course in "how to" operate them. For the assurance of knowing whether the systems you have are right for your needs, call Shoreline Petroleum to schedule a Systems Evaluation 631-226-7600 . Our technicians are certified in all aspects of installations, maintenance and repairs, and will provide you with an honest assessment.